Saturday, September 20, 2008


First of all , sorry about my English. ^-^

About My-Cup-Of-Milktea?
To me Milktea is a girl /woman you like. People says:"This is my cup of milktea", to tell people this is the one he love. If you looked around, you would know the names for my layouts is all for ladies, who deserved to be love.

Why Temptation Layouts?
The layouts here being called "Temptation Layouts" because I want to make them to be tempting to move you, deserved you and love by you.... Do check them all out!

Just so you know, I also have some craft ideals too. Some of them is inspired by my friends and some of them are from my family and the life I living now.

 As the days goes by I'll posting more and more stuff just make sure you come back and watch this place grow. I'm making progress every single day now...(just so you know)

^-^ well, Thank you for stopping by...I hope you've take a look around.

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