Friday, January 23, 2009

Sophie Jong / Mrs Pui

About Me?
My name is Sophie, my parent call me MeiMei, my friends call me auntie, my brothers and sister call me director/manager/admin and many many more..^^

To me?
My family, is very important. coming next is my interest in designing things for a better and quality life style. But I think all of that is very common, as those were the stuff every house maker would do.

I would have a lot of inspiration rushing in to make some stuff and be stumble in there for hours, but obviously not I was writing things about myself for you to know me better. ^-^  My brother says this is the only sickness of mine which can't be cure....^-^" I wonder what he mean by that????

A little more detail about me ?
I'm a dummy in everything, just because...
I'm a Chinese, but my Chinese no good. Neither is my English or any other languages...^-^" but I have a story book in Chinese
I'm a mother of two kids but I still not really into the mom's things, example ? I always played cop and thief's game with them and see who die first. ^^ How is that? !
I'm a wife of a business man, but I sometime..ok ok's all the time, found myself to be more busy than him, he have to look after the kids when I caught myself in the crazy time. I have to admit, I feel guilty all the time for that, and still doing it again and feel guilty and doing it again and.....

I'm so tired right now, can't take it any better go to my family blog for more.

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