Friday, October 30, 2009

Just like homemade quilt

It was like a forever ago, I've told my mum that I would like to take some picture of her quilt. She always says she going to collect all of them and wash over it and then only....Now she ready her quilt for me to take some picture. Even though she only give me 3 of them, I'm content. (She is shy of giving out the old one she make before)

Sorry for the low quality of picture, I've never good at taking picture.

The Latest one.


This one is about 2 month ago.


This one was about 6 month ago.
Sorry, I've forgot to take a closer picture.

Ever since I was small, my mum used to make a lot of them using the leftover clothes, some were give away by friends, some were from the clothing she make for others. She can make it very pretty sometimes, but most of the time she just step on it and  make a useful one. ^-^ 

Frankly, I've always shy to tell people that I'm using a home made quilt, because my friends didn't. But now, my only quilt that my mum make has been company me for 15 years. Of course it's need to send back to my mum to repair sometimes, but she is ok with it. My sisters's quilt have 6 layers, Can you believe that? ^-^" Imagine the weight of that quilt

A friend of mine ever told me that she bring her pillow when she travel, and once at airport the custom officer cut her pilow out for checking. She cried and cried for several days, until her mum make a smaller one and send it to her. 

I would be same if I lost my quilt too! Just hope mine is safe.

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