Sunday, February 7, 2010

The result for the giveaway

Hi, this is the result.

Hi Emy, congratulation! I've just checked to your profile and you have three blog. Which one do you prefer to have the gift-away header ? Let me know ok ?

and all the girls,
Thank you for participate in my little gift-away. ^-^

I'm going to make some layouts as you all mention, I just hope you all willing to share all your thought in the's going to be fun making them with all of you girls.
Love and hugs.

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  1. (huh ? i don't leave a comment yesterday ? anyway...) i'm glad to use your sets/header, beacause your creations are so ... *heart* and i'm sure the header you'll be realize for me would be so beautifl that each one of 3 us would be use them on her blog; thanks a lot to listen us ;)


Thank you for taking your time for this, ^-^