Friday, February 5, 2010

A Special giveaway

I'm making a special give away.
The prize is : A custom make header.

How to win ?
(Answer this and I'll make a draw on this Sunday, my time)
What type/style of layouts you like? 

easy isn't it ?
Have  nice weekend.. ^-^


  1. I need romantic layout and not to much colours...
    with transparent header and scrapbooking elements:
    Flowers, Cloths, Kitchenwears....;) Greatings for You from Vienna...savannah

  2. Strech layouts in sweet soft colors (right now I'm in love with how my blog looks with your awsome headder and footer but I like to make changes now and then)

  3. oh ^^ you're so nice !!
    I dream about a clean, a little vintage header, not so much colors (maybe brown, grey, linen, a touch of pale green or azur)... And... I really prefer header in plain white background, with an amazing used pattern or scrapbook items : it's easier -I think- to include them on a theme blog.

    Have a nice w-e !!


Thank you for taking your time for this, ^-^