Friday, November 27, 2009


I have make Nicole last night, share with you this morning. ^-^
It's come with a true story, from a girl named "Nicole".

She has just recover from a heart operation, the donor just die from accident and she is lucky to got it the last minute. She is a teacher at a nursery, love to be around with kids.
Today, she found a little girl name Lily, who just lost her mum a few month ago, sitting on the staircase waiting for her dad to pick her up after work. And she is crying. Nicole put down her bag and sitting next to her, just sitting next to her. Lily stop crying and look at her, says her dad is late again and she missed her mum. Some how Nicole's new heart is feeling pain at that moment, and then the tears was crossing.
Nicole hug her and tell her "I'm here now and every things is going to be Ok". Lily's dad, Ben show up after a while, saying he is "sorry" and then a little magic happened. They got married a few month later. They says they were feeling connected at the first sight.
And Yes! They are.
The Heart had just found her way back to her family.

I hope you like the story, I read it from the news and trying to share with you with my broken English.

This is the Header of Nicole's layout.

Please look for the footers, side bar tags and dividers in my collection. I hope you found what you need at here, it's always a pleasure to have you visiting here.
Have a Nice day!

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